Event Management


As an Event Management company, we have been involved in event projects from organizing small Meetings/Interviews for clients to big events such as musical concerts.

We have rich experience in managing both indoor and outdoor events. As a full-fledged Event Management company, we have the capacity and expertise to develop a concept and execute any given project. We seek to leave a lasting and refreshing experience for all patrons of our events thereby helping our clients get the best results they seek.

We manage events such as Conferences, Weddings, Musical Concerts, Seminars, Workshops, Sports Events, Interviews, Meetings, etc.

Our Approach

To satisfy our clients, we work hand-in-hand with them using what we call The Oasis Approach.

  1. Clearly understand what the client’s objective/(s) are by asking all necessary questions and requesting for Terms of Reference.
  2. Break the project into phases and have a second meeting with the client to fully explain what each phase entails with accompanying project costs and estimates.
  3. Put together a detailed To Do for the project and agree on realistic timelines with client.
  4. Agree on a suitable communication channel with client as well as means of reporting on updates ie. by phone, email, meeting, etc.
  5. Begin planning and execution respectively.
  6. Have a meeting to evaluate the event at the end of the project.
  7. Submit a project report.

By using this approach, Oasis Generation maintains quality service for all our clients.